Aluminium Bifold Doors

Folding Aluminium Doors

Extend your useable living space by bringing your garden into the mix with chic, aluminium bi-folding doors. Or create vast open spaces inside your home which can be closed off to create cosy spaces when needed.


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Double-glazed Bifold Doors

Despite the large panes of glass in aluminium bifold doors (also known as aluminium bi-folding doors), they provide amazing insulation from the cold outside by using clever thermal technologies which means they can be a great alternative to aluminium sliding doors. Our double glazing has a low U-value which means heat does not transmit through the glass readily, and instead, your home stays warm and cosy – saving you money on heating your home.

With lower energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint, there is no reason why you can’t apply bi-folding doors to your property to increase the natural light inside your home and create a stunning view of the outdoors. 

When we fit our aluminium bi-folds, we make sure everything is finished to the highest standard, with watertight seals and perfectly fitting doors, so your home remains safe from the changeable British weather while you enjoy your garden from the comfort of your sofa.

Aluminium also has a lesser impact on the environment than materials such as uPVC, as up to 90% of this metal can be recycled without losing any of its properties, so it can be used repeatedly.

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Double Glazed Windows

Safety and Security

Aluminium is utilised for its strong and durable, yet lightweight properties, so it makes perfect sense to use this metal to make bi-folding doors which contain large panes of heavy glass. This strength also provides brilliant security for your home!

All of our glazed products are manufactured in line with the Secured by Design initiative of UK Police – products are designed to be break-proof and are tested for potential security flaws before being manufactured for use in homes and commercial buildings. By removing safety issues during the design process, the property owners can rest assured that their windows and doors are secure. 

Bifold doors should be fitted with multi-point locking systems which provide high-performance security for your home. In fact, bi-fold doors can often be more secure than some sliding or french doors. These large folding doors are held in place firmly in a steel track and cannot be easily lifted out or pushed in. Because of the configuration of bi-folding doors, they are almost impossible to break into once locked properly – so it is recommended that you invest in the best locks possible.

Why choose Bi Folding Patio Doors

As well as bringing more light into your home, aluminium bifold doors can give the feeling of more space, since the wall is completely opened up with a wide view of the outdoors. This is a great option for long living/dining spaces and perfect for the summer to let in some fresh air while you enjoy the easy transition between inside and out.

Internally, bi-folding doors can be used to create the illusion of one large space, but maintain the insulation and soundproofing that you might desire from time to time. With over 200 RAL colours to choose from, you can make a statement with your doors or keep things chic and simple.

Large glazed doors inside of your home help light to travel from room to room and can make your living space feel twice as big, even when the doors are closed. And when they’re open, they stack neatly to the sides of the aperture, maintaining valuable indoor space. Not to mention the visual impact bifold doors can have when applied internally – they could even increase the value of your home.

If you love your garden and want it to play more of a part in the design of your home, then bi-folding doors really could be the ideal option for you. With an amazing insurance-backed 20 year guarantee on offer, you’ve got nothing to lose.

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