Orangery Extension

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Orangeries maintain that additional touch of elegance usually designed differently to the interior of the house, and traditionally including brickwork and pillars with large windows within the construction as well as a glass roof to add that touch of class. All of our Orangeries are made from uPVC, with double glazed windows, they have more brickwork and are larger than conservatories, considered by some as private spaces with an emphasis on luxury.


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What is an orangery?

Orangeries have been around for centuries, traditionally an outbuilding used to grow oranges, as citrus fruits become more readily available, Orangeries became more of a status symbol among the wealthy. Today, Orangeries have become a modern adaptation to your home, extending living space with various styles available.


  • Beautifully designed to add a classic feature to your home
  • Available in a wide choice of colours and glass.
  • Ideal for creating space and adding light to any room.


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Orangery black aluminium roof

Roof Lanterns

Roof Lanterns are a great way to fill your room with natural light whilst maintaining your current room and minimising construction work. Incorporated into your existing roof, roof lanterns will bring height to the room, making it feel more spacious and comfortable.
Thanks to our A-Rated uPVC glass, our roof lanterns will optimise temperature by reducing heat transmission.
Available in countless shapes, sizes, colours and glazing options, you can tailor your roof lantern to your home’s needs and personal preferences!

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